Service & Inspection

High-voltage power lines or other towering structures must be regularly maintained. In order to record the demand or to document a condition, such facilities are laboriously boarded or flown with helicopters. Our multicopters fly with high-resolution camera with up to 100 megapixels and is not only less expensive, but also reaches positions that you will never get.


For our customers in the field of surveying, we create digital terrain models (DTM) or 3D models. We can provide 1mm ground resolution and 6mm measurement accuracy. In the process, an exact waypoint navigation is used in front of the project, and the multicopter flies the area autonomously. We can technically map areas up to 100 square kilometers. Of course, under national law. Please contact us for detailed information and reference projects.


For our customers in the energy sector, we offer thermal imagning. This allows us to track down defective solar systems and hotspots in an efficient way. We use thermal imaging cameras from Flir. Already during the flight we see a thermal image live on the monitor on the ground. Errors and damage can be detected and marked directly. Of course it is also possible to evaluate the image and video data afterwards.